Each look that came down the runway during the Hermes fall-winter show had a monochromatic tone, or at least was threaded together by a palette of similar colors, and this may have caused us to miss some of the most interesting details.  But with a close-up look, we may yet have more appreciation for this new collection.

Here are some of the most interesting and beautiful of accessories, briefcases, jewelry, and more.

16th Feb, 2016

Originally, the Collier de Chien bracelets were specifically made for women. So unless a man is fine-boned with delicate wrists, these bracelets were not going to fit a lot of males.

Jennifer Lopez seems to love her collection of Hermes Collier de Chien bracelets.  Although for most people wearing one of these CDC’s at a time is enough to complete a look, JLo is able to pull off stacking more than one of them really well.

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